AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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I had successfully compeleted az900 , I am thinking below ceritifcation path to becoming a architect #pls help#

Hello Lars Klint & all. 

I had successfully completed az900 , I am thinking below certification path to becoming a architect , pls help

AZ103 – is that reteried from microsoft ? came across a blog >> please clarify this for me.




Please let me know if am on the right path to become Azure Solutions Architect.

Thanks ,Guna. 

2 Answers

The AZ-103 is retired. The rest of your path is a good one.  The only thing I would add would be a powershell course at the beginning.


Thanks for the information.


@michale Could you let me know if there is any prerequisite for PowerShell course I aint good at writing code 🙁

Hi Guna,

While that path is the recommendation from Microsoft, it is the absolute minimum path. In my opinion there is no way you can go directly from AZ-104 to AZ-303. While you might pass and get a certificate, that path lacks a lot of skills needed for a Cloud Architect. 

Before doing AZ-303 I would get both some developer experience, as well as security experience. Bear in mind that while having a certificate is great and is a part of your professional journey, experience and complementing skills are equally important. Consider AZ-204 (developer) and AZ-500 (security) before you attempt AZ-303. 

And as Michael hinted at, ACG has a lot of smaller, more focused, courses that can give you specific skills such as PowerShell, networking, databases and more. 

I hope that helps.



Hey Lars , Thanks for your detailed response , to be frank I moved to admin part because I am not good to writing code / developement job. Having said that is there any requisites for AZ203 , I couldnt find anyone pointers in google.


Lars , Awaiting for your response.

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