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Hands-on lab says I do not have permissions to create resource groups under subscription P2-Real Hands-On Labs.

The name of the lab is Creating Azure Resources.  Following the steps in the lab while in the Azure cloud playground cannot be completed due to this error.

Michel Russell

I am having this same issue and I have a Personal Plus subscription.

Neeraj Kumar

I have the same problem

Mark Szili

Same issue here and have a full corp subscription

Nicee Devi Ningthoujam

I have the same problem too

Alex F.


3 Answers

I also have the same problem

Hi Frumpy,

The lab was designed to be used with your own free Azure account. If you choose to use the Cloud Playground, you can use an existing resource group, which is part of the Cloud Playground. Any resource group is okay.


Babum Marimuthu

But We are not able to do anything programmatically within that resource group. For example, we are unable to create a service principal.

Babum Marimuthu

It has been almost two weeks and couple of follow ups to a Cloud guru support but I have not get any single response so far from the support team

Mark Szili

I must agree that the sandbox is effectively useless in the situation of getting hands on with creating a resource group. However, this is good to know as I will use my personal tenant

No you can’t create a resource group but you can at least create services (e.g. VM) within it. The resource group takes like 2 clicks to setup so you’re not really missing out on much.

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