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For question What are the valid destination services for Azure Database Migration Service? Both Azure SQL and Azure SQL Server are valid answer, wanted to know what is difference between them

what is difference between Azure SQL and Azure SQL Server

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I think terminologies in this quiz’s question have not been correctly used.

Azure SQL refers to a family of products for Microsoft’s proprietary DBMS on Azure cloud, including: Azure SQL Database (a PaaS level resource) and SQL Server in Azure VM (a IaaS level resource). There’s no such product called Azure SQL Server.

Azure SQL Database is an Azure-managed SQL Server database instance on the cloud, where you don’t have to worry about the installation of Microsoft SQL Server DBMS of maintenance of the engine itself. You take care of your data in the database instance only.

SQL Server in Azure VM, like its name, is the traditional way of having SQL Server, by installing the DBMS on an Azure Virtual Machine or launching an Azure Virtual Machine with SQL Server image. You have to maintain both Windows in the VM and the SQL Server installation in the VM.

Ashish Jain

Thanks Tuan for detail explanation.

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