AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Exam preparations – whitepapers

Hi Lars,

Are there Azure whitepapers which you can advise to study as a prep for the exam? 

E.g. as a preparation for the for the AWS Practitioner exam we got an advise to read a couple of whitepapers such as Overview of Amazon Web Services || Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices || How AWS Pricing Works. I am trying to find something similar for the Azure fundamentals exam.

Many thanks,


Stephen Parker

Janusz you could look at the fundamentals skills here go to the section and download the certification pdf.

Stephen Parker

Whilst I posted about the exam guide you can also go through the free fundamentals course. I am not sure about white papers but there is a documentation section here

1 Answers

Hi Janusz,

That is a great question. Microsoft, and Azure, don’t have white papers in the same way as AWS. While there a lot of Microsoft white papers, they tend to be more case study based, and more high level. Not really targeting the AZ-900 level. 

As Stephen mentioned, the Azure fundamentals resources are pretty good too, so check those out.


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