AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Exam failed

Today I failed the AZ900 exam for the second time. I got 68% instead of 70% frustratingly. I was really confident throughout the exam and I feel the only questions I could have got wrong were the Yes/No questions annoyingly. My exam had 42 questions in total. 

Now looking for further help. I have been studying since November 2020 and purchased 5 practice exams on Udemy which ive passed consistently throughout. I couldn’t have prepared for the exam any better and as you can imagine, im not feeling great about it and if anyone has any other learning paths or practice exams they could share that worked for them would be appreciated. Thank you.

John Doucette

I am also studying for AZ-900 exam. I find with practice exams that I often start to memorize the answers. You can take the practice exam too many times. This can be counter productive when it comes to the real exam. Do you have access to the ACG az-900 study materials? There is a practice exam included that could provide you something new to test your self with.

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Hi Aaron,

While failing is frustrating, it isn’t the end of the world. I am soon sitting AZ-104 for the second time, and I used the exam section results to focus on what I need to do better at. 

There are also others here on the forum that post tips, such as this one from Randy.


You can practice with practice exams via MeasureUp (= official practice exam that is approved by Microsoft) or WhizLabs (not approved by Microsoft, but much cheaper). When you look at the questions that you fail, please do some research about that question: not just "what is the right answer to this specific question", but also: "do I understand the concepts behind the question?" and even "though I answered this question correct, what are the other answers about and why are they incorrect?". 

Don’t give up, failing is not the end of the world. 630 instead of 700 points is in general just 1 or 2 incorrect questions too much. Just keep learning, try it again. You will pass in the end!

I found WhizLabs’ practice exams to be the most helpful in my experience. If you’re able to diagnose any weak points based on your past results, I’d focus firstly on refining that knowledge until it becomes a strength and then continue to study the rest. While AZ-900 doesn’t require much hands-on experience with Azure, I’d definitely recommend running through some labs on this site, as it’s much easier to grasp the material if you increase your familiarity with those services on a deeper level.

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