AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Exam content against AZ-900 getting updated on 05/28/2020


Looking at Microsoft URL at , it appears that they are going to update Exam Content against AZ-900 on 05/28/2020.

So i have 3 small questions:

a) So what does it means for a candidate like me, if let’s say i were to clear my certification in Mar or April 2020? Does my certification become invalid post May 2020? I am assuming the answer is ‘No, my certification should be still valid post May 2020", please confirm.

b) Assuming I clear AZ-900 in Mar/April 2020, for how long the AZ-900 certification is going to be valid?

c) What does it take to have AZ-900 as valid for as long as possible?


Primce Khan

a) you dont have to worry about expiration because AZ-900 never gonna expire. b) Yes, it is going to valid because it will never be expired. c) You got my answers, but I will tell you to prepare from These AZ-900 dumps pdf this is the best study guide so don’t wait and click on this link:

1 Answers

Hi Neeraj,

Those are great questions. 

a) Yes, your certification will be valid from the day you pass. That is any version of AZ-900. If there should be a change to a new exam, say AZ-901, Microsoft have either honoured your AZ-900, or your exam has been automatically rolled into the new one. Either way you are good.

b) There is no expiration date for AZ-900

c) You just need to pass it once 😉


Neeraj Vasudeva

Thanks a lot Lars for the response, appreciate it.

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