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Error in creating a VM ( Provisioning failed. Allocation Failed)

Creating a Virtual Machine ( with region location as US central West ) and it passed validation but when i click on create its throwing an error ( Provisioning failed. Allocation failed. We do not have sufficient capacity for the requested VM size in this region. Read more about improving likelihood of allocation success at AllocationFailed)

How to fix this ?


Hello I am having the same issue. I put my VM in the UK-South cost region (I am in London) and that is not allowed for my free subscription


also noticed no disk is been selectedcreated if you go back to the Create a virtual machine page you will have a few errors (well I have)

2 Answers

Hi Pavan,

This is a capacity issue from Azure. There is nothing you can do to fix this, except choose different region or wait for Microsoft to sort out the capacity issue. With a lot of people working from home in this period, this has put strain on Azure resources, and this is one consequence of that.


PavanS Padiyala

HI Lars thanks for answer i understand this was capacity issue based on the regions i selected when i am creating VMs . I will play around with some other options .

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