AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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DP-900 Does anyone have experience in taking this certification?

Hi All, I recently passed the AZ-900 exam and I’m now looking at new challenges.  I work a lot with data in Azure and for that reason believe the DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals will be a good next choice before going more more advanced courses. 

I haven’t been able to find any videos or comments on this course here? If anyone got some links or can share their experience, training material and so on I will be very greatful. 

Thanks in advance, Soren

3 Answers

Hej Søren,

Jeg kan svare på dansk, men så er der ikke lige så mange der kan forstå svaret 😉

The DP-900 course is currently in production and should be released in not too long. I don’t have an exact date, as creating content of high quality is not an exact formula. I hope that helps.


Søren Jensen

Mange tak 😀 Hvis du har brugfor nogen til at se det igenne og give feedback skriver du bare.

Hi I have failed twice  AZ-900 now preparing for third test. I do not have AZ experience just want to change my current role to Az cloud. i have scored 688 in both test. any advice please.


If for some reason the course here isn’t getting your across the finish line, I recommend just searching this topic on Youtube. I supplemented a couple videos from there – one had a lengthy free practice exam that proved handy when took my az-900 exam. Good luck ion your re-take.

Try to do couple of practice tests. Ensure you score 90% consistently across all the tests.

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