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Difference between Tags and Subscription Groups?

Hi Lars,

How different are Tags to Subscription Groups.  You explain that you can use Tags to group cost under same tag, but the same can be achieved by using different Subscription Groups as well , right?


1 Answers

You can definitely use subscriptions to group resources together for costing, and this works super well if you’re looking to cost things back to individual areas of the business who may have their own subscriptions. The main limitation is that a resource is only able to be tied to a single subscription

Tagging gives you more flexibility in your cost reporting, since you can apply multiple tags to your resources at the same time. For example, you might track the Department which owns the resource, what Environment it belongs in, like Production or Testing, and even the Solution that the resource belongs to, like your CRM, or your Finance application.

This gives you an even deeper visibility across the whole of your Azure presence. With tags like that, you could report on how much money is being spent on Testing environments each month, for each department, or how much a particular solution like your CRM is costing to run each day

Hope this helps!

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