AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Creating Resource Group Demo

When creating a Resource Group in the Chapter 2 Demo, I do not have the option for creating the RG under ‘Free Trial’. The only option I have is ‘Azure Subscription 1’. I am using the free trial account as we were instructed to create in the Chapter 1 demo. Is this ok?

1 Answers

Hi Cory,

If you refer to the Azure subscriptions, then you won’t have one called Free Trial. The free Azure subscription is a PAYG subscription with credits and free resource usage quotas applied. Resource Groups are free in any case, so they won’t incur any cost.

I hope this helps.


Would be helpful to have a lab for this. If you launch the Sandbox, you can’t create a resource group. It’s pretty unclear when you’re supposed to use the sandbox, or your free subscription.

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