AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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where’s the clipboard that the username and password is found for the lab

Wayne Hoggett

Heya, which lab are you accessing? Can you post the name or link here? Usually the username and password is in the lab details on the right-side of the page, but sometimes the lab details will be in the lab guide.


The problem I’m having is when I try to copy the username I get a message the pops up saying it in the clipboard. The username has …. after it and not the complete username so I click the double window next to the username and that’s when I get the message at the top. The first lab for intro to microsoft azure.


Accessing and using azure portal in the AZ 900 course


The username is not completed. It has …… after it so I’m confused because the dots won’t be accepted when logging into the lab

Lars Klint

Can you click the copy button instead of trying to select the text and copy it?


When I click the copy button that when I get a message a the top that says copy to clipboard


It’s not allowing me to copy the username


I’m frustrated because I’m not allow to work on the labs because of this.

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