AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Chapter: Storage

Hi Lars,

I would re-engineer the Storage chapter a bit. Here are the reasons:

• Initially you talk about 4 types of storage: blob, disk, file and archive. However, as far as I understand archive is not a separated storage type but a pricing tier of blob storage

• You talk about 3 blob pricing tiers. However, on the Azure site I can see also premium as the fourth tier:

• The Lab requires some more explanation since the storage types cannot be seen directly but are a bit “hidden” after creation of the storage account. These are the four services: containers (this is blob if I understand correctly), File shares, tables (you do not talk about them), queues (you do not talk about them either)

• You talk about the performance (standard, premium) only in the context of the disk storage. However, this is one of the first parameters when you create the storage account. The conclusion is that e.g. also blob storage in in these two categories

• What is the general Purpose storage which can be seen on the first page on portal when you create the storage account?

• What about the blob size? In the quiz you explain: “Blob containers on Azure are the most flexible when it comes to file types and sizes. You can store any type of file up to 2GB in size”. I cannot hear this in your presentation. You mention only two sizes: 4.7 TB of block blobs and 8 TB of page blobs. Does it mean that these numbers (4.7 and 8) describe the limit of the entire blob storage on a single account but 2GB is max size of a blob?

Many thanks,


2 Answers

Hi Janusz,

Appreciate your thorough feedback on the chapter. You make valid points around the structure and we’ll take a look at this. In the quiz, you are indeed correct and the answer will be updated shortly. The 2 GB limit applies to the Azure Storage Simulator. 



Hi Janusz,

Thank you so much for the excellent feedback. I will take it all into consideration for when we next look at updating sections of the course. Please keep the feedback coming as that is the only way to get a better course for everyone 😊


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