AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Chapter 7 Question about Azure SQL

Hi, one of the questions is about the recommended use case for Azure SQL (the database service, I assume) But the answer is mentioning managed instances. I think the chosen answer for the question is correct if the topic was Managed SQL Instance, but not for Azure SQL.

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Hi Flemming,

Azure SQL Database is a managed service for using Microsoft SQL databases in the cloud. I believe the answer is correct though, as per this link. Can you clarify if I am not following your question correctly?


Flemming Didriksen

Hi Lars, I think the use of the word "instance" confuses me. The course sequence starts out explaining the Azure SQL service (managed) but quickly jumps to the example of lifting entire instances to Azure via DMS – to the new Managed Instance service. When I hear "Azure SQL" I think of the managed database not the managed instance. 🙂 But if "Azure SQL" refers to both solutions, I agree the question/answer is correct.

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