AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Chapter 2 Quiz – Question and Answer doesn’t make sense

The correct answer of this seems off (Chapter 2 Quiz):

Question: How can a hybrid cloud approach benefit many companies?

Wrong Answer: "A hybrid cloud can use a mix of private and public components."

Right Answer: "It can allow a gradual approach to using cloud services over time."

This questions is weirdly implicit in stating that hybrid cloud is not a benefit and is more subjective than objective.  The question cites cost and energy as a justification, however it assumes that any workload / system / app can migrate to the cloud and that the spend of thousands to millions of dollars in the development and execution of the migration.

Cost will more than likely be higher to support a hybrid cloud, but defers the costs of re-architecture, development and deployment of systems which has massive upfront costs for migration and may likely outweigh the need to migrate.

2 Answers

I agree. The explanation given seems to imply that "A hybrid cloud can use a mix of private and public components" is the right answer as well. Whether private or public cloud, I’m consuming cloud services. There’s no gradual approach, I’m either using cloud services or I’m not.

Thanks for the feedback Aburstein and L.B. This question has been amended and an updated version will be rolled out live very soon.


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