AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Can I get a job with an AZ-900 certification?

Can I get a job with just an Az-900 (fundamentals) certification if that is the only experience I have?

Davis Sally

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That’s a great question. The Azure Fundamentals certification has been designed by Microsoft specifically "for people beginning to work with cloud-based solutions and services". It’s very much the beginning of your journey in the cloud and Microsoft Azure. It can be useful both for people starting off their career in Cloud Technology, or for people who aren’t necessarily in a technical role but do need to know about the cloud.

For someone early in their tech career, the Azure Fundamentals certification can be part of what lifts them from a less technical role into a more technical role, into a more technical role. But without industry experience, the Azure Fundamentals certification isn’t necessarily enough to ensure a job.

This is true of every certification. Even for someone with multiple higher-level Azure certifications, if there is zero work experience attached, it can be hard to transform those into a job. The key is to get a foot in the door in a technical role, even if at a lower level. Certifications then help you move up into further steps and more technical roles

Short answer: No, not really

Long Answer:

AZ-900 is a basic qualification more aimed at managers and sales people surrounding the Ops teams to understand them better. 

It might show initiative for a ticket logging helpdesk role if you have good customer service experience elsewhere to stand out from another candidate without.

Before answering your question , I would like to let you know that this exam is not pre-requisites for other certification in Azure space. This means it gives you a good idea of what Azure is all about and its associated services.  This would be good start for you to build career in this space. But I will suggest to go for Developer or Architecture level Azure exam which will make you more confident.  More then that you will need a practical hands-on experience if particularly you are looking for a job in this.  CloudGuru itself has awesome Azure Labs which you should give it a try.  All in all , practical experience will help you for a good role / job. Hope this helps!

It depends on what job you are wanting, however it will show initiative and a drive for learning and bettering your skillset. (This will always be a plus for hiring managers!)

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