AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Azure solutions Chapter update needed

Update needed for this chapter as Microsoft has added many more services in their solutions section for the AZ-900 training. See -> Between others Data Lake Analytics now is named Azure Synapse Analytics. Thank You!

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Hi Fotis,

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it and use it when I update the course 😊

The AZ-900 ACG course follows the AZ-900 official exam topics outline. This outlines Azure Synapse Analytics, which is indeed covered in the course. Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake Analytics are two separate services. The former used to be Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and the latter is an on-demand analytics service for big data. Both services deal with large data sets, but they have different purposes and different audiences.

The MS Learn content may mention more services than the AZ-900 official exam outline, but that is also why we link to the MS Learn docs from within the ACG AZ-900 course. 

I hope this make sense.

Fotis Mastakas

Hi Lars,

Fotis Mastakas

Yes, that makes sense. Thank you for your thorough response. I was able to pass the exam and in my post in LinkedIn have mentioned aCloudGuru and you personally. Cheers – Fotis

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