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Azure playground env has no access to Azure Active directory

Hi , I  need to practice Azure Active directory use cases for my Az500 course , but looks like  I dont have access for the same. Could you please check it  .

2 Answers

Hi Sheetal,

ACG Azure Playground doesn’t have access to AAD unfortunately. We do have some labs which are focused on AAD though, so you can check those out.


Maybe you already knew, but you can get a free Azure account with $200 free on credits in the first month. See here how to do that: . I know that many people are scared of paying too much for their cloud account. Learn on ACG how to configure budget alarms, shut down all resources at the end of the day (*) and don’t use more than you need to use to learn the techniques in the cloud. I always practice with Linux VMs with just 1 CPU and 1 GB of memory, Windows 2 CPUs and 4 GB of RAM. That is more than enough to learn your cloud skills… By doing so, I only spend about $5-$8 per month. 

(*) See also my blog how to shut down all resources in a resource group once a day automatically:

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