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Azure : free trail Account

I created the Azure Free trail account 2 weeks ago but I didn’t fill the payment details.

Now suppose after 2 weeks if I fill payment details then I will get $200 credits from the day when I fill the payment details or I will get $200 credits for the remaining days ?


Vaneet Gupta

2 Answers

Hi Vaneet,

The 30 days will start from when you get access to your free Azure account. I believe you can’t get access without a valid credit card, so filling in the payment method will start the $200.

More FAQs here:


Hi Lars,

Thanks for the response.

I agree what you have mentioned. Until valid credit card is not entered , I can’t access the services.  Probably, I am not good in writing to explain.

Suppose I have created the account on 1 Dec 2019 and didn’t enter the payment details(credit Card) , if I enter the payment(Credit Card) details on 25 Dec. The $200 will be only for 25 Dec – 31 Dec or will it start count 30 days from 25 December when I entered the valid credit card details?



Lars Klint

I am pretty sure it will be 30 days from 25 December. I have never delayed entering the CC, but it doesn’t make any sense otherwise.

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