AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Azure Firewall vs NSG

It would be cool to have examples on where to use one. I am aware of the capabilities but a NSG is a simple firewall that can be attached to a VNET. If you do not need SNAT, DNAT or Layer 7 you can use NSG. There is a question the the practice exam which I choose the wrong alternative since it is does not require specific features which I could use with a Firewall.

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Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the feedback. I have noted it and will take it into account in the next round of updates. 😊


An NSG is a firewall, albeit a very basic one. It’s a software defined solution that filters traffic at the Network layer. However, Azure Firewall is more robust. It’s a managed firewall service that can filter and analyze L3-L4 traffic, as well as L7 application traffic.

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