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Azure App service and Azyre SQL server is SaaS offering ?

in cloud service models section it was mentioned that Azure App service and Azyre SQL server is SaaS offering but i wont think that’s true ?

2 Answers

Vladimir Evseev

but what about Azure SQL, is it example of SaaS or PaaS?

Wayne Hoggett

I would say that both Azure App Service and Azure SQL are considered PaaS offerings as they don’t offer applications directly, but do offer a way to host/run your applications.

Ila Gupta

I was listening to the video link given below and it has been mentioned that Azure SQL is SaaS offering, is this correct?


I heard this to but a quick google search for the answer took me to a microsoft site that says Azure SQL is a PaaS and not SaaS.,and%20monitoring%20without%20user%20involvement.


Actually multiple times in the video it was said SQL is a SaaS but the link I posted from Microsoft says otherwise

Hi ACG experts,
what about Azure App service and Azure SQL – are they examples of SaaS or something else?

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