AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Does the exam cover topics not covered in this course or is this sufficient? There is a lot left out if you compare it to Azure’s own online learning path?

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Hi Djansenvrensburg,

That is a good question. At ACG we don’t know exactly what is on the exam, as we don’t have any special access to questions or other resources. No one outside Microsoft does. I base the learning material on what the blueprint for the exam outlines, and weigh up what is likely to be asked. I have sat the exam, as have others at ACG and that has given us a good indication of depth, breadth and topics that could be asked.

Students have already provided feedback of passing the exam based on this course, and some have also let me know of areas that could be improved. The course is a "living thing", which we constantly seek to improve on. If there is anything missing, or something that could use more detail, let me know here in the forum.

I hope that answers the questions somewhat.


This information is solid. you need to jot down all the points mentioned in the training and then thoroughly review the different services and sections.

I just sat this test and passed it. I have a ton of AWS experience and zero real Azure experience. This course was the only thing I used to learn about Azure for the exam, and I felt well prepared.

Mattias Fjellström

How much actual Azure knowledge do you need to pass the exam? From what I’ve seen in this course (I’ve finished around 50% so far) there seems to be a lot of focus on cloud concepts which are the same as for AWS, and less focus on actual Azure services (apart from what a service is called and what you use it for). I get the feeling that if you have a lot of experience from AWS (which I do) then you could potentially clear this exam without a lot of dedicated Azure hands-on experience.

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