AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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AZ-900 Practice exam incorrect answer

The answer for the following question is incorrect. 

You are about to embark on your migration to Azure but before you begin your manager has requested your companies support contract with Microsoft contains the ability to request Architectural guidance. What is the lowest level of support contract that will achieve this?

I selected "Professional Direct" but the system highlighted "Developer". The explanation though states that "Professional Direct" is the lowest level contract that provides architectural guidance.


I support that the answer should be "Professional Direct"

Ronak Kataria

I also came across the issue. I support that the correct answer should be Professional Direct, instead of Developer. However, the answer explanation for the same also suggests that the answer should be Professional Direct.

2 Answers

Thanks for referring this to us. Everyone is spot on, it should be Professional Direct, and even our explanation says that’s the correct answer. This is a bug we’ll get fixed in the quiz.

Best of luck with your studies, everyone!

Ravi Shah

FYI – Still not yet fixed. I have seen the same error today.


Holidays i assume, but not fixed as of today. 🙂

Thanks all, this has been fixed internally and should be rolled out live very soon.


Parm Gill

Based on the current Microsoft Support Grid, it states that Developer is the lowest tier that is offered "General Guidance" for Architectural guidance – the question does not state it needs to be more than General Guidance – is this correct?

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