AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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AZ-900 – LA or ACG ? Duplicated training ? missing hours ?


I need some clarification about how should we learn AZ-900 based on the following disparities:

I own a personal account in LA, today i have completed the Az-900 course taught by Lars Klint. In first instance, this course in LA runs for 5 hours approx. Anyone who complete this course may think that will be prepared to tackle the certification, however, based on my experience more preparation is required.

Now, searching the same course within ACG, Lars has the same course but runs for 9.6 hours (106 lessons).  In the same page, there is a similar course labelled "Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – AZ-900 Exam Prep (LA)" that runs for 15.6 hours, taught by Tia Williams (promotional video belongs to Jason Calton).

Due to LA and ACG are a single entity we expect an unified content. My concern is about the amount  hours of training are missing in LA. I feel some kind of disadvantage as user of LA because we can’t neither see the full training in LA nor access this in ACG.

Food for though,



PS: i am posting this question in LA forums just in case

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Hey Eduardo,

I think in these early stages it made more sense for ACG and LA to just copy their appropriate content to the respective platforms. Hopefully they’re working on a consolidation plan in the future as this is the case for at least a handful of courses. Although, you should really consider completing both courses. I like to think of them as a venn diagram where although they may have content that overlaps, each course has content that the other does not. When I sat the AZ-900 I felt like I wouldn’t have passed if I did not go through both courses.

You can find my discussion post about my AZ-900 experience and the areas that I believe were not sufficient covered by either courses.

My AZ-900 Experience

Hope this helps you on your cloud journey!

Eduardo Blanco

Justin: the problem is as LA customer i don’t have access to ACG content yet. Let’s suppose the AZ-900 was produced by the old LA crew, i accept the suggestion proposed by you. But what i am seeing is the same instructor (ACG) is teaching the same content, at LA is shorter compared to ACG. Definitively the content was copied across but no the full 9.6 hours. Now, as LA customer how do I get access to ACG AZ-900 content ? Cheers.

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