AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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AZ-900 Exam Passed + Tips and Resources

Hi Everyone, It was a marathon effort to sit through AZ-900 over last 3 days. I can share with everyone that I passed the exam today with a score of 925.

A big shout out to Lars and his twin :-).

Key Callouts to successfully pass Exam:

~ Ensure that you go over the 14 chapters with the shortest time without a gap

~ I revised each chapter by playing back the Summary

~ Read as much as Microsoft Docs possible but don’t go too much in detail [I only referred to docs for Topics that I need to understand beyond what was shared in the course]


~ ACG Labs and Practice Test is a great start

~ Udemy has 6 practice test and most up to speed questions for $10 you cannot go wrong and was extremely useful.

Apart from the above two resources, you do not require anything else, don’t spend 100’s of dollars!

Wish you all gurus good luck and happy studying!

On to next certification!



1 Answers

Nice work Vishal! That is a great score!

Thanks for the tips and feedback.

Lars and Lars

Vishal Choksi

Haha Lars ans Lars 😎

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