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AWS Data Lake Formation

I there any tutorial for AWS Data Lake Formation.

i was trying to explore myself in the AWS playground, but i got error

User: arn:aws:iam::298189759279:user/cloud_user is not authorized to perform: lakeformation:RegisterResource on resource: arn:aws:lakeformation:us-east-1:298189759279:catalog:298189759279 with an explicit deny

1 Answers

Don’t believe there is a Lab in A Cloud Guru for building a Data Lake using AWS Lake Formation, but there is on the AWS website at

This provides you a step by step workflow to setting up a Data Lake using Lake Formation and also has some additional tutorials for adding data to your Data Lake.

The best bet right now (Jan 21, 2021) is to create an account and run through the AWS document then terminate the account.

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