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Are stopped VM being charged or not?

Hi Cloud Gurus,

This question is based on Chapter 4.3.

In LAB video it was mentioned that if we stop VM from the Azure VM page we will not be charged for that VM (if we don’t select the option save IP public address).

I’d like to check with you if that is correct, because if that’s true it looks like I can store my files on stopped VM without being charged. Here is the scenario:

  • What if I create VM (for example Windows 10), then I download a file from the internet with the browser (file will be saved to C:Users%username%Downloads), then I shutdown that VM and stop it from Azure VM page. I expect the file I downloaded will be still in "Download" folder when I PowerOn VM next time.

Please let me know if this is correct or not.



1 Answers

Hi Vladimir,

Correct, you won’t be charged for the VM, but you will be charged for other resources related to the VM, for example, the disks. The VM must also be stopped (deallocated), not just stopped. You should stop the VM from the portal to deallocate it.

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