AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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ACG has two courses for AZ-900 preparation. Why is that? Which is most current to someone taking the test in August 2021?

ACG has two courses for AZ-900 preparation…one is taught by Lars Klint and the other is taught by Jason Calton. Why is that? Which is most current to someone taking the test in August 2021?

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I found Jason’s course as part of the Azure Development Learning Path and I see this message:

"Update: This course has been updated to meet the November 9, 2020 changes to the AZ-900 exam blueprint."

So I’d say this is the most current one. I checked the Microsoft AZ-900 documentation page and there’re no changes listed after that date.

Hi Gary,

I have just updated my course to match the latest outline, as well as updated a bunch of demos and lectures. There is even a new "double Lars" experience 😜


Gary Stultz

Thanks for the update Lars. I passed the test on the second go-around, but was amazed at some of the detailed questions given the test blueprint mentions "General" knowledge for a couple of the sections. For example, Sentinel alerts are mitigated where???? SMH…Anyway, thanks again, and all the best! ghs

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Gary Stultz

Mmmm, thanks Frank? I passed the exam two months ago.

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