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Access Denied to Azure Active Directory when Using Cloud Playground for Azure

When using the Cloud Playground for Azure, I get a No Access message when clicking Azure Active Directory in the Authentication and Authorization demo of Chapter 8 of the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals course. Therefore, I cannot follow the demo or lab instructions for Chapter 8. Please help.


Same here.

3 Answers

Each playground I assume is created with specific access since these playgrounds are provisioned for you, similar to what is taught in this lesson. If you go to the next video (the lab) you should be able to follow along there.

I’ve been able to get into the Azure Active Directory by going to the lab, then selecting the cloud playground from there. Still doesn’t work if I try and access it from the main dashboard.

Hello Romi,

Sorry to hear things didn’t work as expected. Let me see what I can do to help.

In your original post, you mentioned that you are using the Cloud Playground to try access Azure Active Directory. However, if you want to work with Azure Active Directory you’ll currently have to do this through the hands-on labs. Like the lab in chapter 8 called "Create a Group and Add a Member in Azure Active Directory (AAD)".

At this stage we provide access to Azure AD through specific hands-on labs, however if you try to access it through the cloud playground / sandbox, you’ll see an error message. 

So you definitely can access Azure AD if you’d like to try some things – just make sure to pick an Azure AD lab instead of the playground. These labs are specifically setup so you can do things like create user accounts, or security groups, or perform bulk import/export tasks. They’re focused on Azure AD as opposed to Azure Resources.

I hope this helps – but if you do have any further questions just let me know and I’ll do what I can to assist!

Best regards,

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