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3 answers seems to be correct in one of the question

I came across the following question:

Which problem does adding a load balancer solve? (Choose 2):

In that, I think the option which says ‘When a Virtual disk is running out of space on a Virtual Machine the incoming data can be directed to another Virtual Machine to manage the load.’ can also be correct too. But here it is listed as incorrect. The option which is shown correctly here is also correct but the one which I mentioned above also seems to be correct. If not correct then why?


Idan Ron (UK)

I also choice that answer – as I thought this is correct, I don’t understand how ‘If traffic with specific properties needs to be processed by a particular VM, a load balancer can manage this.’ is correct as this is the role of the application gateway and not the load balancer.

2 Answers

Hello, I dont’ think the ALB has the ability to know the amount of storage renaming on a host. Where as it can judge performance based on current connections and response times.

Erich Domingo

I agree

Kris Faulkner

Can a VM healthcheck be customised to include checking for disk space?

We see the LB only knows about the healthy VM. So it only knows where to send traffic in healthy nodes. If VM is down with some issues, then LB don’t even know this VM.

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