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Wrong configuration of Demo: Network Mess lab

After fixing the network issues, I couldn’t reach out to the second website (post LaFours). After a quick investigating I noticed that you used the UserData in the template, to create the httpd server, but because in the beginning the server couldn’t reach the internet (due to the wrong config of LaFours) it will not be able to install and configure the httpd.

Am I missing something here?

Christoph Gerkens

if you create a new stack for "post LaFours" a new ec2 instance is created which cannot install web server (via user data) due to the broken network configuration. So in this case you have fix this issue too (e.g. manually install httpd for instance)

1 Answers

Rather than running the second CFT as a new deployment, update the existing deployment with the second CFT.  This will break the deployment using the existing bootstrapped instance.

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