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Would there be any reason we couldn’t use the Network Load Balancer here?

Chapter 3.14 Challenge 2

We only picked E, and stated because of SSL and Sticky Sessions, but Network Load Balancers should also be able to do that as well based on the chart on 3.10. 

Would there be any reason we couldn’t reasonably use the NLB?

Nasir Bilal

It’s a good question! The NLB does indeed support both SSL and Sticky Sessions.

Nasir Bilal

But my guess would be that it’s based on the fact that NLB session stickiness is just IP-based, whereas the ALB stickiness can be far more complex and is probably a better fit for a complex eCommerce application:

Tomás Denis Reyes Sánchez

If you need flexible application management, AWS recommends that you use an Application Load Balancer. If extreme performance and static IP is needed for your application, AWS recommends that you use a Network Load Balancer. If you have an existing application that was built within the EC2-Classic network, then you should use a Classic Load Balancer. Also, ALB supports User Authentication, so based on the problem description is the most adequate answer.

Jigar Parekh

1) Nothing like SSL certificate or sticky session requirement mentioned in questions, should that be considered for answer selection? 2) Question do mentioned about very high worload (10x) and "quickly distribute traffic", does this requirement leads to NLB as NLB would be much more eifficient than ALB for load distribution?

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