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Why Transitive Peering is a Con?

I came across a slide when I was going through your VPC to VPC connectivity that had mentioned Transitive Peering as a con. I am not sure why you had mentioned it as a con but to me, that is a security measure from the AWS which helps a lot when you have multiple AWS accounts and a lot of VPCs in it. Could you please weigh in on that? Thanks.


If I had to guess, and this is me taking a shot in the dark here, it’s because once an org grows to a certain point VPC peering becomes unwieldy. This is, in part, due to the lack of transitive communication and thus why the concept of transit gateways exist. While I personally agree with you that transitive communication via VPC peering would be a security issue, I think the ACG folks look at this as a con in terms of efficiency- as in "life would be easier if VPC peering allowed for transitive communication, as you wouldn’t be required to setup and maintain a transit gateway".

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