AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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white paper dead link

the link for the white paper "Amazon virtual private cloud connectivity options" is broken apparently the permission from the bucket was removed.

I found the pdf document on this link

3 Answers

Thanks Rafael..seems AWS is doing some shuffling of docs as we’ve gotten a few of these types of reports.   We’ll get it corrected.



Hello, there are no more visible links for any white papers or videos for revision. Could you please add them back?


Still the Whitepaper link is not working.

Michael Labuschagne

Hi Scott, I see there is a newer revision for this Whitepaper from June 2020 ( The newer revision discusses the Transit Gateway which was announced late 2018. Assuming since that was 2 years ago the exam is likely to include that?

Correct Link : Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options —


Thank you so much! Good catch!

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