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What’s the difference between HTTPS and TLS Listeners for Elastic Load Balancers?

I’ve been taking some practice tests on Whizlabs in preparation for the Solutions Architect Professional exam and have seen a lot of questions that come between creating HTTPS and TLS Listeners. I really thought that HTTPS and TLS were aliases. The explanations on Whizlabs are not extremely helpful. 

Can someone help me understand the difference between these and when each one is appropriate?

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Hi Justin,

When talking about Network Load Balancers, AWS uses the term TLS to represent a listener that can receive HTTPS traffic.  This is just because TLS is the proper name for the transport protocol used for HTTPS traffic.   For Application Load Balancers, recall that they operate at a higher layer in the OSI stack and so AWS tends to use HTTPS terminology in that case.



Thanks for the information. So I am understanding TLS refers to NLB and HTTPS refers to ALB. I will keep that in mind.

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