AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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What to do when exam simulator dies?


I just spent several hours in the ACG exam simulator for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam. When I completed the exam and expected to see my results, it presented a malformed page containing placeholders, such as the amount of time left supposedly being NaN:NaN (or something).

When I refreshed the page, which appeared to be the only option, I had to reauthenticate. Upon doing so, I was unable to return to the results page. I have no idea how I did, or what areas I need to brush up on – the whole point of an exam simulator. 

My exam is tomorrow, and this is a setback. I now don’t know how I should be spending my revision time.

To say this is upsetting and disappointing is an understatement.

1 Answers

You have our very sincere apologies for how your exam simulator experience has turned out here. This is definitely not something we’re keen to hear our students experiencing. The Exam Simulator is a really important tool for preparing for the certification exam, and this kind of issue is a big pain when you’ve invested up to three hours on the preparation with it.

This is a known intermittent issue with our Exam Simulator, and we’re working with our developers to find a resolution on it since it’s not something we want our students to be dealing with.

If you like to discuss this further, feel free to shoot me a message directly. You can message us through our Contact Support form; just ask for "Stephen from the Content Team", and it’ll wind up with me.

I do wish you all the best of luck with your exam as well; it sounds like you’ve done a lot to prepare and get ready for it

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