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What happens when we delete first full initial snapshot?

I think in "Amazon EBS Snapshots" clip (6:23) , concept is wrongly explained or i might misunderstood. according to author , if snapshot 1 is deleted , we wouldn’t loose the ability to restore data. i think initial full snapshot is important to restore incremental snapshot data? can author or anyone please clarify this concept?



2 Answers

Hi Aman,

The concept of EBS snapshots is correctly explained in the video.  If snapshot 1 is deleted, AWS takes care of "re-linking" that data to the next most recent snapshot so you can always do a full restore.

Don’t think about snapshots as tape backups…where if you delete the first tape, you cannot restore.   They are more of a logical concept.

Don’t believe me?  Try it…  create an instance, do some snapshots, delete some snapshots and see what happens!


thanks Scott

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