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What are Jumbo Frames?

What are Jumbo Frames and will they be on the SA-Pro exam? If so, could you add a section to cover them in this course? I don’t recall hearing about them in SA-Associate course, either.

1 Answers

I don’t know if the topic would be on the SA Pro Exam – it can come up on the Advanced Networking exam and so I suppose there’s a chance it would be on the SA Pro as well. 

Using Jumbo Frames is a network mechanism that can allow for transmission of more data per packet, and by doing so can improve network performance. I think it primarily applies to AWS Direct Connect services. Here are a couple links where you can read more: 

AWS Direct Connect now Supports Jumbo Frames for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Traffic

Setting Network MTU for Private Virtual Interfaces or Transit Virtual Interfaces

Scott Pletcher

I had a couple questions that involved jumbo frames on my latest exam experience, for what its worth.

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