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VPC Whitepaper out of date

To admit, this is really annoying. This is one of the things which just should never happen, because you immediately will distrust acloudguru references for ever.

The VPC Whitepaper "Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options" is out of date. The updates from 2020 are missing.

Please not only fix this specific whitepaper, but really think about how to setup you update pipeline. It bet it is relatively easily possible for acloudguru to be notified on whitepaper changes and then respectively propagate the update to all resources with the whitepaper title. Please take this seriously, it destroys a lot of credibility credit if acloudguru is out of date by more than half a year (already 2 weeks look bad, but how bad do 7 months look?)


No one paying attention to this critical problem?

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