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VPC does not support multicast?

In the video titled ElasticCache, something is said about VPC not supporting multi-cast. I thought that I had heard it being implemented, so I googled it and found this response. "AWS Transit Gateway now supports routing internet protocol (IP) multicast traffic between attached Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) connections." I don’t see a section on the Transit Gateway in the networking section. I know you said newer tech will not be on the test. I was wondering if Transit Gateway was relevant and if so, does it have any impact on that statement. As a question. Does VPC having the ability to multi-cast through Transit Gateway affect any of the implementations of Elasticache listed in the video.

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Hi Devin,

Yes, we do have Transit Gateway on our to-do list to add some more about it.   I do think there’s a mention here and there within some of the other lectures.  Multicast and VPC is…complicated.   TGW allows routing of multicast, but a VPC itself has no sense of multicast without a TGW in the mix.  This blog does a nice job of outlining a real-world transit gateway multicast scenario:

The example I mentioned in the Elasticache lecture was more of an example of what people were using Redis for…in that case for keeping up with web sessions.  The multicast aspect wasn’t really that relevent and you’ll see no questions on the exam linking Elasticache with multicast.


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