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Using spot fleet vs Single RI to process inconsistent flow of inbound data in order to achieve cost effectiveness

As per the suggestion in  question 4, FIFO SQS could be used. If that’s the case, wouldn’t Spot instances meets the cost effectiveness than reserved instances that processes the inbound data, they have to be maintained for a period even when the inflow of the data is not there ?

Philipp von dem Bussche

Hi Avijit. I also selected the option with spot instances together with SQS. I guess since the solution should also be reliable this could be the reason why spot isn’t the right solution after all. Let’s say the spot instances get terminated always before the data is processed then this would not be reliable at all. Buying reserved instances will bring down the costs too so this would be then reliable and cost effective.

1 Answers

Hi avijit,

Philipp is correct…when you see a requirement for reliability in an AWS question, they will almost always want you to pick the reserved instance option over spot as spot instances should be considered volatile.


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