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Unable to schedule my Exam online

All test centers are closed in my City & I was supposed to take my exam on 2nd April but its cancelled by Amazon due to the  closure of most of the test centers as every one know for safety reason. Now i am trying to book the exam online over Pearson VUE for AWS SAP Certification but  unable to schedule my Exam  with below Error :

Scheduling this exam cannot be completed on the web. For assistance in the U.S. or Canada please contact customer service by dialing 1-800-466-0450. For assistance outside of the U.S. and Canada please contact customer service.

I tried to contact their international number but no one answer + the Customer service for chatting online is not working properly as waiting hours & hours and no one answer. 

Does anyone faced above error before , I appreciate if any one can support 

Thanks a Lot

1 Answers

Hi Rabih,

I have heard reports of people successfully scheduling their exams online, so maybe you tried before PearsonVue was fully ready?  Also, there is a note on the Pearson website that says if you have a Language Extension flag on your account (requested the extra 30 minutes), you have to call in and can’t book online.


Rabih Fatfat

Hi Scott,

Rabih Fatfat

Thanks for your Feedback

Rabih Fatfat

Actually the issue was as you said due to Extra 30 minutes added , I tried to call them many times but no answer. I fixed by calling AWS and cancelling the extra time than booked again online on the Pearson website & its successful.

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