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Tricky stuff here – VPC endpoints

Okay troops, be on the lookout – keep in mind there are 2 types of endpoints (not just S3) but –> interface (via PrivateLink) and gateway (s3 & DynamoDB). Just a heads-up awareness note…

Brian Lund Larsen

I actually had questions about that on the associate level exam. Definitely worth noting which is used for what

1 Answers

Thanks for the reminder gudguy1a! I will add a bit about this in the lectures. Gateway endpoints use prefix lists in the route table while Interface endpoints use DNS resolution to direct your request.

UPDATE: Just add some new stuff on the VPC-to-VPC lecture in Chapter 3 on the different endpoint types.  On my Beta exam, a question came up on how you can secure them….Interface endpoints use security groups while gateways use policies.

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