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Transitive VPC while VPC transitive peering is not supported

I just want to make sure if I understood correctly.

AWS VPC doesn’t support transitive VPC peering (or rather – transitive routing). Then how Transitive VPC is implemented? I had searched a little and I found that the Transitive VPC needs to run a 3rd party routering controller effectively implementing the transitive routing on top of AWS networks. Did I understand it correctly?

2 Answers

Hi Gabriele. I would recommend to take a look at AWS Transit Gateway ( It will allow you to attach both VPNs and VPCs. Through AWS Resource Manager ( you can share resources like the Transit Gateway with other accounts or in the same account. SImilar to VPC peering you will have to accept the share. After you have attached all VPCs to the Transit Gateway in a Hub and Spoke manner you can route to all VPCs. Hope this helps.

Gabriel Vince

Thanks, with the Transit Gateways seems it’s more straightforward to implement a hub-and-spoke connection between networks (VPC or on-premise). What was confusing – the course mentioned the Transitive VPC and a few slides later that the transitive peering is not supported. Thanks for the answer

here is about transit VPC

It uses Cisco csr instance in transitive VPC to make hub-and-spoke connection through it to other VPCs or on-prem.

Take a note, that it uses VPN, not peering. Transitive piring is impossible.

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