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Test the beta or wait for February

If I am a beta tested, will I need to test the test next February or only if I have been tested?

2 Answers

If you pass the exam and the beta exam is considered successful then you get the certification.  You will not have to re-take the exam.  Below is from the Beta FAQ on AWS’s web site:

Q: What is the benefit of taking a beta exam?

Beta candidates have the opportunity to take the newest exams first. If the beta is successful, candidates who pass the exam will be among the first to hold the new certification. In addition, beta exams are typically offered at 50% off standard exam pricing.

mohamed mamoon

thanks to answer

Best case scenario: You pass the exam. You got the cert first, and for half price.

Worst case scenario: You fail the beta. You get a voucher to take the full version for free. You get to take the full version for half cost, having already seen the test once.

It’s worth it to take the beta.

Yong Zu

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Take exam on Dec 3rd, and you have enough time to learn from others here.

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