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Talking about sticky sessions can be a good architectural teaching moment

On the slide where Scott talks about sticky sessions, I would suggest a brief mention of coding applications (in this case a web server) to be stateless.  Putting session data in an AWS service (e.g., ElastiCache or DynamoDB), along with any other stateful data, removes the need for sticky sessions.  Availability increases because web server instance failures are no longer an issue with sessions.

I know this lecture is on passing the exam, but I think it’s always a good idea to add in practical information when it makes sense.

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Hi lecube,

Thanks for the suggestion and yes, a common best practice is to not rely on sticky sessions…at least not like we used to.  But some scenarios can’t work in a stateless manner as in the case of some out-of-the-box packages.

There are lots of things we could include in the course just around general architectural design best practices, but as you say, the course is focused on the Exam.  Sometimes we put stuff in like that and sometimes, it just too situational to include because it includes some context, explanation and deviates too far from the core topic.  Rather than try to address all these, sometimes I intentionally let those things pass by and instead rely on the assumption that my audience here is professional architects who have been practicing for a while and have exposure to application design best practices in a generic sense.


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