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Suggested resources similar to the end of chapter labs?

I’m looking for more and more hands on practice similar to the labs at the end of the chapters here. Any suggestions places to look?

1 Answers

Hi Jonathon,

I’m personally not aware of any other similar labs. Maybe someone in the community can chime in. The way the labs are structured are a result of my frustration on some of those "follow the steps" labs that, in my opinion, teach you to follow instructions rather than teaching you to design a solution yourself.

So far, we’ve gotten really positive feedback on how those labs are structured and I’ll certainly continue to incorporate that format in future courses.

Maybe we consider it a ACG exclusive?



Thanks for the response, Scott. I think you, me, and many others share the same frustration with the labs that hold your hand. I’m a big fan of the labs you’ve put together and the course in general. Hoping others follow suit.

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