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Study tip for Pro exams

I’m sure I’m not alone as I study for my SA Pro exam being a bit discouraged by the shear volume of required reading.  I wanted to pass along a tip if you happen to be using an IPad for your exam prep.  Purchase App: Voice Dream Suite for $19.99.

The suite comes with the enhanced voices.  Game changer!  I’m going through pdf whitepapers and documentation like water now.

It also allows annotation for pdfs.

Hope that helps someone out there!  Getting closer to sitting the exam every day.  Good Luck!


2 Answers

Good tip Mike!

Oo, this is brilliant – thank you so much! I never even thought of this, and I love audiobooks.

Have you used any other applications than Voice Dream Reader for this? Any comparisons? From my googling, Voice Dream Reader seems to be the defacto app for this kind of thing, but there’s also NaturalReader for $9.99, and Speechify which is free with a pro subscription.

Sami Kurvinen

Just to add to this – I actually ended up buying both as I am a fool.

Sami Kurvinen

Oh, you cant add line breaks in comments… Well, I bought the Voice Dream Reader first, since it seemed cool but foolishly selected the English Australian premium voice, which sounded better with the sample but worse when actually listening a book. Then I was annoyed, wen’t ahead and bought the NaturalReader but was disappointed to it when comparing to the Voice Dream Reader premium voices. In the end I bought the two US premium voices pack for Voice Dream Reader, and it works rather well. Unfortunately the bundle was not available in Finnish app store.

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