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Spoiler Alert: Mismatch in Results Set

Even after applying the filter on the bar chart to all visuals, the map still shows many more points than the bar chart shows as bars.  This appears to be the result of multiple latitude/longitude results in some cities (e.g. Mariposa) being mapped to a single bar in the bar chart but ending up as multiple, somewhat overlapping points on the map.  

I switched the map to use "city" as the source of the geospatial information and that made the number of map points match up to the number of bar chart bars.  

However, it feels to me like it would be more accurate to make both of these report based on lat/long, however I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the bar chart to break out by lat/long but still display city (and maybe something add’l to differentiate the lat/long locations).  Any ideas?

1 Answers

Hi Todd,

Not sure I follow completely but one thing that has confused the results for some people is not aggregating the readings using a SUM operator.  Totally guessing here….  But, good job on venturing out and exploring the data on your own.   Regardless if you match my results, hopefully you’ll be able to answer those QuickSight, Athena and Glue questions better.


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