AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Solutions Architect Professional! Cracking the kraken.

Hi Guys! I passed the Solutions architect Associate exam today and I am planning to sit for the solutions architect professional in the coming month, it seems a monolithic task right now since I don’t have any prior experience working on AWS. 

Saying that, how can I build upon my study patterns from the associate level? 

Study Structure as of now : 

1. A cloud guru professional architect course 

2.Jon Boso practice exam. 

3.Whitepapers (if you can suggest some from your end that will be helpful).

I can make use of your valuable inputs! Thanks in advance 🙂

1 Answers

Congratulations on passing your CSAA, that’s a great first step! One of the biggest things I’d recommend is learning from those who came before you. Check out the other posts on this forum from people who’ve recently passed their Pro exam, and have a look at some of their recommendations for studying based on their experience. You’ll find some absolute gold mines in that info

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