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Snapshot pricing

Please help me with a pricing question. I have seen the video about EBS snapshots. The course stated, that the snapshots are incemental and it is cheap as you are paying only for the space you are using for snapshots in S3. However, when I create 2 snapshots from the same volume, which is let’s say 30 gigs, then I can see that, both of my snapshots are 30 gigs.

So in this case am I paying for 60 gigs snapshot storage altogether? Or how can I calculate with it?

Thanks a lot!

1 Answers

Hi petororland,

If you look at your snapshots, they will always show the full volume size, but the actual consumed S3 space will only be the delta between snapshots.  I think AWS does this to not create confusion or panic when someone sees a snap of a 100GB volume only showing 345M in size for example.

You can validate EBS charges by looking at your Billing Dashboard under EBS snapshots.  You should only be charged for the actual space used and not the full volume size of the snap.



Hi Scott! Thanks for the answer, it is clear to me now. Roland

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